4.5m Unregistered Customers Disconnected by MTN Nigeria

4.5m Unregistered Customers Disconnected by MTN Nigeria
MTN will be losing many subscribers and a lot of income, following the rule by NCC(Nigeria communication commission) to disconnect unregistered users. There is already a 9.6 percent decrease in the MTN user base because of the 4.5m disconnected customers. This month of April is not a good one for the network provider whom is already waving bye bye to 4.5 million unregistered subscribers.

Despite the lost of revenue this might bring to the company,The Executive Chairman, Phuthuma Nhleko thinks is the best thing to do in his word he said:

In order to mitigate any future regulatory challenges, the group took an exceptionally conservative stance by disconnecting all subscribers who could possibly be deemed to be non-compliant. This has had a significant unfavourable impact on total subscriber growth and revenue in Q1 16. Nonetheless, we believe this resolve to address compliance matters decisively, has put the Group on a solid footing as regards the subscriber registration process and regulatory matters in general.

We all most of the disconnected users have initially registered their SIM cards but were disconnected due to incomplete registration details.

But as we all know MTN no dey carry last, They have already find a way to their customers heart with free offers and different types of engagement which is already on going, Like you have been credited with N1000 to call Any network in Nigeria. To enjoy this offer just register your line at the nearest MTN shop.



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