4 Tips to make your window 10 Pc run faster

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4 Tips to make your window 10 Pc run faster
Today I will be dropping some tips that should help you improve performance on your computer by cleaning the clutter you don’t really need. Here are four things you can do to optimize your Windows 10 performance.

1. Ditch applications you don’t need

Is always good to uninstall unused applications. Not because it does any harm to your PC, but they take up valuable hard disk space and room in the memory, and makes the Windows to be working harder than it needs to. They can also cause unexpected bugs and incompatibility issues with other devices and apps.

To uninstall the apps just the follow this step => Type “uninstall” in the taskbar search box then pick Change or remove a program to see all the applications currently stored on your Pc. For any that have been gathering dust for a few months, click the relevant icon and select Uninstall, then follow the instructions on screen to complete the process.

2. Stop programs loading at startup

Windows launches many programs at startup, so that they’re instantly available when you need them. The problem is it can actually slow down your computer, when they are too many of them. You can stop some of these apps from launching just by navigating through a few folders in the settings.

To do that visit the Startup tab of the Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc) or use Microsoft’s official (and free) Autoruns for Windows tool to see what’s launching alongside the OS. From there, you can disable anything you don’t want.
NOTE: If there’s a particular entry you are not sure about, for the safety of your PC allow it to be.

3. Disable background apps

Allowing background apps eat up space and ram, And some auto runs apps are allows to run in the background even when you haven’t actually launched them. That means you can access their features more quickly, but it’s a waste of system resources if you don’t use these apps on a regular basis.

To modify software running in the background, go to Settings from the Start menu then click Privacy and Background apps. Turn off the toggle switches next to the apps you don’t want to have running all the time. Of course, you can still launch these programs manually if you need them.

4. Clean up your disks

Cleaning up your disk with the help of Microsoft’s Disk Cleaner, Is still a great way to sweep out some of the temporary data and unnecessary files taking up room on your hard drive. Even better, now it’s mostly automatic and easy to navigate.

Right-click on any drive in File Explorer, then choose Properties and Disk Cleanup (under the General tab) to find the program. It targets files including system memory dump files, temporary internet files and more, and you can review its findings before clicking on the OK button to confirm.


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