5 Best Lock Apps For Android Phones And Tablets

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5 Best Lock Apps For Android Phones And Tablets With Great Features

5 Best Lock Apps For Android And Tablets

Android is the most common, popular and loved operating system for smartphones. It has many great features and it can be customized according to the user’s needs. Some said Android is very much secured OS while some disagree with that. The latest Android smartphones are coming with great security features like fingerprint scanner and iris scanner just like in Galaxy Note 7 to lock and unlock the phone but it is not possible to lock individual apps in stock Android. Few smartphone companies with custom UI now offers app lock option and allows users to lock your app with pass code. But most of the smartphone lack this option.

Many people lock there apps for various reason while few people don’t lock their phone entirely because they think it can be a life saviour for someone in an emergency. However, people wants to protect some apps which contain private and essential information. Whatever the reason is, there must be a solution to it. Now we don’t have to worry about this problem anymore because there are many third-party App Locking applications available on the Google Play Store which we can download and use very easily.

5 Best App Lock Apps for Android Phones And Tablets

1. App Lock

App Lock is the most popular and used App lockers on android with over 100 million download. It supports 24 languages. It has a simple interface. The users can lock any app with this.

It also comes with an inbuilt vault to lock and hide all your private videos and photos. It can also lock the settings of the phone.
You can add your recovery email id in the app so if you forget your password, it will send you an email to recover it back.
If you install the Advanced Protection plugin, nobody can uninstall the app.

2. Smart App Lock

Smart App lock helps you to Lock Apps & hide your Gallery. This cool app which can lock any app on you android smartphone. Can also lock apps such as the dialer and the phonebook.

It can even lock features like- Uninstall, Settings, Incoming call, Task manager, etc.

3. App Lock (Pattern)
App Lock (Pattern) is a very simple app. It was a very small and simple UI but it is very powerful and performs very well. This app can also lock all the apps on your phone but it comes with another feature which makes it different from all the other app lockers. It starts beeping an alarm when someone tries to unlock your apps with a wrong password.

4. LEO Privacy Guard

LEO Privacy Guard is another highly used app locker with over more than 50 million downloads. There are many features which distinguish this app from its competitors. It can lock and unlock an app based on your time and location settings. For an example, you have locked the Facebook app when you are at work so no one can open it but when you come back home at night, the app unlocks automatically.

5. Smart AppLock 2 (App Protect)

Smart AppLock 2 is also a very popular and highly used app locker. It can lock all your apps and block various features such as incoming and outgoing calls, changing Wi-Fi setting, changing phone settings, etc. It can also store all your private content like your secret pictures and videos in a vault which is also protected by a password

This is the 5 Best Lock Apps For Android Phones And Tablets to protect your phone and privacy, you can includes your own lock app through the comment box.


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