Apple Announced iOS 10 For iPhones And iPads At WWDC Today


Apple today announced iOS 10, a new major version of its operating system for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

There will be a redesigned control center with interactive notifications, and improvements to widgets ( especially to those that show calendar and weather information). 3D Touch can now do more: For Example, you clear all notifications once by pressing your screen .

Siri is getting improvements, with the ability to book rides on services like Uber and Lyft, the ability to start and pause workouts, and make payments to send money to friends with SquareCash and other services. Siri’s will be more intelligent in messaging. For example, if a friend asks for the contact information of another friend, Siri can automatically provide the contact. Siri can also pull up calendar availability in message threads, and let you do multilingual typing without switching the keyboard language.

Apple also promised more intelligent photo management, including facial recognition technology to identify people in photos. The phone and tablet photo tools will help users sort photos by what’s in them, such as specific people or objects (like a horse or mountain). Photos can also be sorted by automatically generated topics, like “on the water” or “at the beach.” A new “memories” feed in the Photos app will take advantage of the new sorting tools.

Maps improvements include: The ability to pan and zoom further ahead to see traffic conditions, quick controls to see route details, and locations of food and gas stations on your route. Maps will tell you how much longer it will take to go to any of these places.

Apple is opening Maps to developers with Maps Extensions, which lets you make reservations through OpenTable, and will enable other similar types of integrations.

Apple Music—now with 15 million paying customers—was redesigned from the ground up to make it easier to find music, Apple said. The first tab in the Music app is now your library, where you can navigate between playlists, albums, songs, and downloaded music. Song lyrics will be available in the app as well.

The News app will let you buy subscriptions to publications such as National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal. It will also bring breaking news notifications and break up your articles into sections, so you can browse by topic.

The iPhone is still a phone, and there’s actually some new phone features: voicemail transcription of incoming calls, and improved spam controls.

That is all we know for now in the ongoing WWDC stay tuned for more updates.

Source: Arstechica


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