Apple iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus Pricing And Storage Versions Leak

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the most rumoured smartphone this year with it release date already announced. Naturally, pricing is what’s on everyone’s mind and the latest information regarding
their price tag comes from Apple’s largest wholesaler in China –
According to Leleda.The information from Leleda confirms the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will come in 32GB, 128GB and 256GB flavors, marking a notable change from the 16GB, 64GB, 128GB variants we had being seeing all this years.
Here’s the pricing for the SIM-free variants. It seems that Apple will double the storage of the upcoming iPhone models without affecting the price compared to the current iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.
iPhone 7 (leaked prices)
  • 32GB – CNY 5288 ($790)
  • 128GB – CNY 6088 ($990)
  • 256GB – CNY 7088 ($1060)
iPhone 6S (current prices)
  • 16GB – CNY 5288 ($790)
  • 64GB – CNY 6088 ($910)
  • 128GB – CNY 6888 ($1030)
iPhone 7 Plus (leaked prices)
  • 32GB – CNY 6088 ($910)
  • 128GB – CNY 6888 ($1030)
  • 256GB – CNY 7888 ($1180)
iPhone 6S Plus (current prices)
  • 16GB – CNY 6088 ($910)
  • 64GB – CNY 6888 ($1030)
  • 128GB – CNY 7788 ($1160)
Note that these prices are the “expected” ones, as the source of the leak puts it.
Finally, a leaked packaging of an iPhone 7 Plus confirms indisputably there will be a 256GB version – so far only the iPad had 256GB and it’s a first for the iPhone. Not only that, but the packaging also confirms the contents of the iPhone retail box. Inside customers will find a new EarPod headphones with a Lightning Connector just as rumored – complete with a Lightning to headphone jack adapter. The standard Lightning cable and power adapter are also included.
The iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) packaging list
The iPhone 7 Plus (256GB) packaging list
The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be unveiled just a week from today, on September 7The Apple 
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