Apple Watch 2 Coming This Year With Faster Processor And More

Apple Watch 2 Coming This Year With Faster Processor And More

We have seen and know what iPhone 7 that will be released few weeks from now looks like, But still we don’t know much about the Apple Watch, But thanks to an investor note sent out by well-connected analyst Ming-chi Kuo — and was obtained by AppleInsider which give us the first indication of what Apple has in store.

Apple is said to be planning two new models of the Watch for 2016. The bigger upgrade, dubbed “Apple Watch 2” for now, will reportedly have “the same general design” as the current Watch, but include new internal components such as a GPS radio, a barometer, a thinner display, and a new, faster 16nm processor from TSMC. These features will require a larger battery, according to Kuo, preventing Apple from cutting down on the device’s size.

The second 2016 Apple Watch model sounds like a smaller upgrade — it won’t get the Apple Watch 2’s new features, according to the note, and the industrial design will stay the same with some updated components.

We are expecting Apple event in few weeks to come for the unveiling of its iPhone for the year and that maybe opportunity to know more about the Apple Watch 2

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