Common SP Flash tool Errors And How To Fix It

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SP Flash Tool is use for flashing, formating and backing up MTK smart phones Stock ROMS.

Sp flash tools errors and how to fix them

If you want to know more about Sp flash tools, Here is guide on how to use Sp flash tools and you can also download Sp flash tools all the versions here

Here are some errors and solutions associated with SP Flash Tool hope you find them helpful.


This sometimes occurs when you are trying to flash a wrong ROM to your device.

If you are sure that the firmware you are using is the exact one of your device, format the phone before you flash it.


This error pops up when size of the firmware (ROM) you are trying to flash is bigger than the space given on the phone.

Try using another version of sp flash tool. Sometimes this error occurs when using a wrong ROM.


The scatter file loaded is wrong. load the scatter file of your device.


This error is seen when the com ports on your PC are disabled.

Try enabling com ports in your BIOS


This error is just almost like the the 1003 error. Check if your com ports are available if not enable them. But most of the time using a new version of SP Flash Tool solves this problem.


If you get this error, Use a newer version of SP Flash Tool.


Connection problems. Check USB cord or use another port.


Wrong scatter file used


Change USB cord or

Use Battery to flash the phone or

Change the version of SP Flash Tool. (Older versions preferable)


Use another version of SP Flash Tool

That’s is solution to common Sp flash tools errors.

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