Eye Care Tips For PC User

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Eye Care Tips For PC User

*Perform Eye Exercise : Staring at a computer screen for too long can cause Eyestrain
Blurry vision, Trouble focusing at a distance,To avoid this you have to perform some eyes exercise. The eye exercise can be done by looking at a far object for some seconds without moving the head. This works better, rather than glueing one’s eye on the PC for a very long time.

*Use Safety Eyewear: When using a screen device like PC, Invisible rays are theoretically said to emits from them directly to the eye. Too much of these rays, as said, could cause eye itching or even an eye sore. To prevent this, i would suggest to wear something of spectacles so as to protect the eye from direct contact with the rays being emitted.

*Fruit and Vegetables: Add fresh fruits and vegetables to your meals which contain vitamin A, C and E . You must have those fruits and vegetables in between the time of breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner . Those healthy items include carrot , cucumber , oranges , leafy vegetables , tomatoes , spinach and dairy products

*Good Lightning System: Make sure that the lighting of the room in which you are working is suitable for your eyes as it may affect your retina which leads to weak eyesight or blindness. Always remember to maintain the color, contrast and brightness of your computer screen before working on it. It is also a special tip for people who make use of computer for a long time a day.

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