Facebook Discontinue It’s App in BlackBerry 10

Facebook Discontinue It’s App in BlackBerry 10
Facebook Discontinue It's App in BlackBerry10
When Facebook announced it was dropping support for its native app on BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system, It’s in such a bad state that the company has switched its attention to Android, giving developers little reason to support its own operating system.
BlackBerry has abandon its own OS, After breaking the news of going in on Android, The Priv which is the best BlackBerry of recent memory, runs Android. it’s hard to expect a third-party to keep on with updates. Facebook has withdrawal its native app and has equally provided a Web-based version to replace it – it’s live now, and the native one will be removed on March 31.

BlackBerry says the old version will stop working on March 31st, meaning the web app replacement will be mandatory almost immediately. In this case, half bread is better than nothing, although it’s hard to shake the feeling that BlackBerry is just face here. Some people do love Facebook’s mobile site though, because it drains less battery than the official iOS and Android apps. So maybe this will make your battery life better.



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