Google Calendar Goals – a new feature that will help you achieve your goals at the right time.


Google Calendar has been of a great value to help organize your meetings, parties and other important events, especially for Android users who live by Google’s services. But what about those goals that live outside your strict routine? This is why Google Calendar has introduced Goals, a new service that will help you keep those objectives in target.

You might be thinking of using reminders but, There another great new feature which is, Goals is a bit different and doesn’t allow you to forget your goals as a traditional to-do list. Goals is actually a bit smarter.

To set up a goals for anything. Maybe you want to learn a new language, read a few hours a week or catch up on working out a day or two. Whatever your goal is, it’s easy to set it in Google Calendar by hitting the hovering action button, selecting “Goals” and answering a few questions.

Google Calendar will want to know what your goal is, how often you want to accomplish it, during what time of the day, for how long, etc. After this quick questionnaire, Google will scan your calendar and find the best time for you to work on your objectives. And if you do happen to miss it, it will automatically go ahead and find the next best possible time to take care of goals.

What trying out, right? We know plenty of you will like it, so we thought we should share the news. Hit the comments and let us know if you have been waiting for something like this. Or is it yet another feature you will not like to use.


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