Google Delisted 1.75 Billion Websites For The Sake Of Copyright Takedown Requests

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Google wants you to know the power of copyright takedown requests by offering new data incase you wants to venture in.

Google Copyright Takedown Requests
A new company’s site site prominently lists how many URLs the company has removed — 1.75 billion so far. On like before reporters compile such data themeselves but now Google is publishing it on its own.
You can also find out how many requests were actually denied. Around 40 million take down requests were rejected, which is 2.1 percent of the total requests. Another 16 million requests were duplicates.
These numbers are astronomical. It’s staggering how many requests the company has to process, and every request faces a four-step process:
  1. Copyright owners send takedown notices for “allegedly infringing material”
  2. Company reviews the request, and complies if there aren’t issues with it.
  3. Google sends a notification to the owner of the de-listed content. The owner can file a counter-notification, either by making an argument or removing the offending content.
  4. Google decides whether or not to add the page in question back to search results.
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