Google Photos For Android just Made Editing Your Photos Painless

An update to the Android version of Google Photos was released today that adds a significant feature from the iOS version of the app, which is non-destructive editing.

The updated Android app will now track and save any individual steps you take when editing a photo, letting you go back at any point to adjust those edits or undo them completely.

Just before the update, Google Photos would save an entirely new version of a photo every time you made new edits and tapped save, flooding the app with same photo with a little changes. The most annoying Part is if you opened up one of those edited photos, you can’t be able to go back and adjust any of the edits you made before any further changes just created another new edited version of the photo. The update fixes both of these problems, Makes editing fully reversible and non-destructive. So you can save your edits or save a new copy of the photo – either way, the original photo will remain untouched


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