Google updates For Android Support Onscreen Security Notifications

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When a new device is added, the account owner can now get an alert right on his or her phone, instead of through email. This will be possible through Google Updates.

Android Onscreen Security Notifications

According to CNET, Google announced yesterday about a new Android feature that alerts users of new devices and security events on their account via onscreen notifications.

When a new device is added to a user’s account, native Android notifications those that appear on the mobile device’ screen will tell the user about the newly added device. The notifications will also alert users about account activities.

If an activity looks suspicious, the user can choose to “Review Account Activity,” and find out what device was added, from what location, and other related information. If the activity is expected, the user can dismiss it as any other notification. If not, the user can quickly proceed to changing his or her password to secure the account.

Prior to this, such notifications were delivered to users via email. Google believes that with Android notifications, users will more likely review the information.

The update is available now via both Rapid and Scheduled release channels.

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