Here’s why you should never carry your mobile phone in your pocket (or your bra)

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Here’s why you should never carry your mobile phone in your pocket (or your bra)

Many people these days find it difficult to keep a distance from their smartphone and would find it very difficult to give it up, But there’s few reasons why you should place some distance between yourself and your phone.

Dr Devra Davis, an American scientist who has been studying the effects of mobile phone radiation for many years, has warn that your mobile phone could be doing you more harm than good. In a talk at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, she said: “The pattern of putting cellphones in the bra, and now there’s a new device where you can actually have the phone strapped to your head, made me concerned about what we know about exposure to phones.”

Dr Davis said mobile phone-like radiation was being used positively in the medical field to treat liver cancer, detect cancer and enhance the absorption of drugs in the brain.

But the reason it is able to do this was because the radiation broke down the blood brain barrier, which protects the brain from foreign substances that may injure it.

The radiation can also damage DNA, affect male fertility and change the brain’s metabolism.
And that’s not all — researchers have also found mobile phone use could contribute to the development of depression, diabetes and heart irregularities.

Dr Davis also spoke of a specific case where a young woman developed breast tumours exactly the same shape as the mobile phone she’d been tucking into her bra.
And it’s not just your bra that you shouldn’t be putting your phone into — even storing it in your pocket could be dangerous.

Dr Davis also said the small print in your phone manual explicitly advised against it.
A study also showed doing so could weaken the pelvic area and reduce bone density.

So, maybe it’s time to break things off with your smartphone — or at least start keeping it in your bag. Source

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