How to Change YouTube Video Quality on Android

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Today I will be sharing a toturial on how to change YouTube video quality on any Android phone. We have many users of YouTube android application, but they don’t really knows how to get full utility form the app. Most of you might having been use this changing video quality option before, but some other users still don’t know how to change video quality of a YouTube video from android, today I will share with you how to do that.

By default, video quality maybe be high or low in some devices, but all depends on the format of video uploaded. You might want to change the video quality for some reasons, maybe to reduce data consumption might be your reason to change video quality to a lower quality.

Steps To Change YouTube Video Quality

1. Launch your YouTube android application.

2. Navigate to the video you wish to change its quality.

3. Next, tap on the 3dots that is located at the top bar of the video, and then select the quality you want from the options provided.

4. You are done!!! Video quality changed.

This tutorial is very easy to comprehend, but if you’re having any problems with it feel free to make use of our comments box.

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