How To Disable Android Apps From Running In Background

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How To Disable Android Apps From Running In Background

Here is the best two method to Stop android apps to run in background to speed up your android by saving RAM of device, The method is quite simple and straight and there are two ways by which you can do this. So have a look on both of them and try that you like.

1. Using Greenify App (Root Required)
After obtaining root and having the full control of your android phone you can stop android apps to run in background. Greenify app is the answer to your call, just hibernate the apps which are not currently in use . But this is not as same as the common hibernating apps as in this app there is also cache stored which will not let the app to stop completely. By hibernating apps the work load of background running apps on BATTERY and RAM usage gets reduced.


*A rooted Android (How to Root Android )

*Greenify App Download

Steps to Stop Background Apps In Android Using Greenify App:

1. Install the Greenify App your downloaded above from the Google play store.

2. Now open the app and grant it the superuser access.

3. Now click on + Button on the top of the app and select the most used apps that run in background.

4. Now click on Tick and the apps auto hibernation will get activated and those apps processes which run in background will be automatically stop when you close them.

2. Using Developer Options (Without Root)

No doubt this method is quite good and cool, but the above one is more effective. So you can choose between the two .

Steps to Stop Background Apps In Android Using Developer Options:

1. First of all you need to enable the developer mode and this can be enabled by heading to Settings -> About Phone -> Build Number (Tap on build number 7-10 times and your developer options will get activated).

2. Now after activating developer mode you need to go to Settings > Developer Options and there scroll down and you will see the option Background Process Limit tap on it.

3. Now you need to select the No process there and thats it you are done.

Hope the above 2 Method will help and Stop Android Apps from Running in the Background. Use this method and stop all the android apps that just eat up your RAM while running on background and making your device slow. So try this out today. And hope you like this tutorial, keep on sharing. Leave a comment below if you have any questions about this.

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