How to extend your iPhone’s battery life as long as possible

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How to extend your iPhone’s battery life as long as possible

Are you tired of seeing your iPhone’s battery lifeless, especially when you wanted to do something essential with your phone.

Continue reading  for the best hints and tips in extending your iPhone battery life for as long as possible before you can get to a charger.

1. Turn off your Bluetooth

Make sure you always turn off your Bluetooth, keeping your Bluetooth activated on your iPhone for connecting to wireless headphones and speakers may use possible amount of battery, but when you’re mindful, every little steps helps to save your battery. Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle to off your Bluetooth.

2. Stop Flashing

Always turn off the flash on your phone camera when taking pictures, especially when they’re less needed it can help to extend your battery life.

3. Turn off Live Photo or Dynamic Wallpapers

Apple’s Live Photo make your iPhone pretty and cool but when you set a picture as your lock screen wallpaper, it can cause your battery to drain quickly. The same goes for Apple’s pre-loaded dynamic wallpapers, so navigate to Settings > Wallpaper > Select a new wallpaper > Stills or a picture from camera roll.

4. Exit light

Minimize or turn off the brightness of your display. Navigate to Settings and make sure that Auto-brightness is turned off by opening Display & Brightness and switch it off.

5. Turn Off Wi-Fi

Phone Antenna is one of the biggest thing that drains your battery life so easy, because is always searching for nearby cellular and Wi-Fi networks. If you are not using the internet, turn Wi-Fi off when is of no use to you to extend your battery life.

6. Reduce email push

Like notifications and emails pushing can cause your battery to drain very fast.

Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts & Calendars and examine how often you receive a emails.

Turn off the email push and set the retrieve schedule to fetch emails manually, meaning you won’t be notified of the incoming mails unless you open the email app.

7. Turn off background refreshing

Each time your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi or using data, some of the apps running background will always try to refresh their feed. Shutting down these background apps can help to preserve your battery life.

Navigate to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and toggle it off. Otherwise, select the apps you’d like to stop refreshing and deal with them individually.

8. Activate Airplane mode

Always Activate Airplane mode. When you don’t want to receive calls or texts or use the Internet activate airplane mode, it will optimize your battery life until when it will be useful to you.

Airplane mode can also stop your phone from searching for an internet connection especially in the rural areas, which can drains huge amounts of battery life.

To Charge Your phone very fast, leaving Airplane mode activated can help it to charge more quickly.

9. Turn on low power mode

If you’re running iOS 9 or above, you can also turn on Low Power Mode under Settings > Battery and toggling on Low Power Mode, which will temporarily reduce power consumption.

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  1. Wow, waiting you no know they said big pass you ooooo. I've learn something new. Thank for sharing this with us

  2. Wow, waiting you no know they said big pass you ooooo. I've learn something new. Thank for sharing this with us

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