How To Find and Delete Duplicate Files In Android

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Duplicate files in android can consume lots of space, especially when the device has low memory. This post will show the easiest method that will help you to find and delete all the duplicate files on your Android smartphone.

Find and Delete Duplicates Files In Android

Android phone users, Here is How To Find and Delete Duplicates Files In Android. Many of us is use to copying and pasting of files in different folder in our smartphones and sometimes we copy some of the files in our android that already exists in our device storage in another directory. For instance, if we have any duplicate movie in our android then it is wasting around 1-2 GB memory space. So better is to remove the duplicate files to save lots of memory. Beside you might not know where exactly these files are located in your device to delete them. So we are here to resolve this issue with trick for finding duplicate files and removing them easily. Just read and digest the method below on to get ride of duplicates files in your device.

Steps On How To Find & Delete Duplicates Files in Android

This method works with android app which helps you to delete all the duplicate files that exist there in your android storage and occupy lots of memory and can make your android processing slow. So just follow the below steps to proceed with removing all the same files that are waste to your device and should be removed as soon as possible.

Features Of The Duplicate Media Remover App

◾With this app you can scan out selective folders to remove duplicate folders.

◾You will get notified about each and every file that is found while scanning files.

◾After scanning, you can select the files to delete that is either original files or duplicate file.

◾You can also schedule scans in this app for you android.

1. First of all download and install the cool app Duplicate Media Remover in your android. Now launch the app and it will ask you to choose folders

Find and Delete Duplicates Files In Android

2. Now you need to wait for few seconds untill it finishes scanning for duplicate files.

Find and Delete Duplicates Files In Android

3. Now when the scan get completed you can see all the duplicate files scanned out there. Now you need to click on “Show Duplicates”

How to Find and delete duplicates files in android

4. There you can see all your duplicate media files listed

Find and Delete Duplicates Files In Android

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