How to Find Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

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Smartphone manufacturers has make things easier for us, days are gone when we used to carry a bulky phone with us. Now is the time of slim and beautiful smart devices that are light weight and hardly feels in the pocket. As the day passes by Android smartphone are getting thinner and light weight, this was a of the huge competition between the smartphone manufacturers.

How to Find Lost Android Phone Using Google Search

As a result of sleekness of the device, we often tend to place them here and there all the time and then forgetting where it was placed. It’s good if you have misplaced your device in your home or office, but in case you have lost it somewhere else then Google search can help you locate it. Yes, I am talking about Google Search engine which you use on the daily basis.

Google Search can track your device and also ring it, so you can locate it if you have lost in your home or office. If your device is stolen or lost somewhere else, then Google Search can also give you a pin point location of your device. Now, you might be wondering how you can use this awesome feature of Google. That’s what this article is all about.

How to find Lost Android phone using Google Search:

Before we continue with the guide section, There’s things required for Google Search to locate your device.

◾You device should have the Google App installed, Now cards enabled, Web & App activity enabled.
◾Google Now notifications turned on and lastly, Location access should be set to “High Accuracy” from the Settings app.

1. On your PC or Mac, open any browser and log in to your Google account. You should log in with the same Google ID that is used on your Android device.

2. In the Google Search box, type “find my phone“.

3. Give Google some time to breathe and it will show you the location of your phone on a map. It might not be the pinpoint location, but it will surely give you an idea of where your phone is.

4. The above map gives you the location of your Android device. But if you have lost your phone in your room, then you can also ring it to full volume so that you can locate it easily. To do that, you can either click the “Ring” icon or click the link on the map to ring it.

That’s all; by now, you can be able to find stolen or lost in your room, it should be easy to locate it. There are other third-party apps available on Play Store that provides Android tracking facility. But if it is from Google itself, there’s no reason to switch for other apps.

Hope with this article you can be able to find lost Android phone using Google search, let us through the comment box if this article is helpful to you. Remember to like our Facebook page and share this with your friends.

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