How To Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos From Gallery

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Are you tired of people viewing your Whatsapp chat images and videos, when they navigate to your gallery. This article is for because in this post we’ll show you how to hide whatsapp images and gallery so that you will be in total control of your privacy.  

How To Hide Whatsapp Images And Videos From Gallery

This method we will be using to hide the image and videos from Gallery does not require any third-party app to do so. Simply understand the way to hide WhatsApp content from a gallery. Just follow the below steps to proceed.
  1. The first thing now is to Open the File Explorer of your device.
  2. Then navigate to Whatsapp folder your might be in internal or external memory, for me I have mine in the internal memory of my phone. Open the Whatsapp folder next Open Media. You will find eight folders of your WhatsApp content including WhatsApp images and WhatsApp videos.
  3. Now rename the folder with name Whatsapp images to .Whatsapp images by doing this it will hide all your WhatsApp images from the gallery.
  4. Do the same step above (Rename Whatsapp Videos to .Whatsapp Videos) for your Whatsapp Video folder to hide your videos from Gallery
  5. Now open settings then navigate to Apps Manager there you will find the gallery in the All section, click on it.
  6.  Now scroll down and click on the clear cache
That’s it! You are prepared, immediately open your gallery and you will notice that the WhatsApp content will not be displayed there.
If you want your Whatsapp image and Videos to show in Gallery again, just go back to your Whatsapp folder and rename the .Whatsapp images to Whatsapp images and .Whatsapp Videos to Whatsapp Videos

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