How To Increase iPhone Battery Life

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How To Increase iPhone Battery Life

If you’re tired of having low battery on your iPhone the tips below will help you get ride of it.

Best Tips To Increase iPhone Battery Life

1. Turn on iOS 9’s low power mode

iOS 9 has a new feature that minimize power requirements when your battery remaining is 20%. Apple declares you a new mode so that you can use your iphone further for extra three hours. The Low Power Mode isn’t default choice but happens automatically. If you don’t want to wait till your battery turn red you can do this on your own, Go to Settings> Battery > Turn on Low Power Mode. Turning on The Low Power Mode helps in reducing the power consumption, stopping mail fetch, Background App fresh, Automatic Downloads,etc.

2. Which apps are eating up your Battery?

To Notice which apps are the biggest battery drainers in iPhone, For this, Go to : Settings> General > Battery and scroll down and watch which apps are the drainers for your battery life in the past 24hours or last 7 days and stop them from doing such.

3. Save your battery: Auto-lock your iPhone

When the screen of your iPhone is on , it means you are consuming power. So make sure that when it is not in use , Turn off your screen to get the maximum battery life. iOS9 has the update of setting the Auto Lock to 30seconds from getting maximum Battery Life.
Enter into Settings> General> Auto-Lock and set it to 30 seconds of inactivity. Definately, this will make graph of the battery life increase over time. If you really wish that the battery life must not reduce, them be habitual of pressing the Sleep/ Wake button when not in use present at the top of iPhone.

4. Stop iPhone battery drain: Turn Off Your Bluetooth

Bluetooth is one of the most prominent Battery killer. If you are not using it or you are not connected to a headphone, speaker or any other accessory , then switch off your bluetooth. Swipe up on Control Center to check if bluetooth is on, it it is so then you will watch the B-like icon highlighted through white colour. Then Turn it off. In other, General> Bluetooth and set Bluetooth to off.

5. Extend battery life by disabling WiFi

Always disable your WiFi when not in use by swiping up to reveal Control Center and tap the WiFi to turn it off. This will helps in stopping your iPhone from checking the WiFi networks available near you.
If the WiFi network range is poor, then phone consumes more power to connect to network and transmit and receive data.

Hope this tips will help your iPhone Battery last longer, always make use of our COMMENT BOX and the SHARE BUTTON.

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