How to play PlayStation 4 games on Mac and PC


You can now enjoy your favorite games as Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 update has arrived, bringing Remote Play to Mac and PC for the first time.

This awesome feature lets you enjoy your favorite PS4 games while you’re in another room, or even away from home and it’s easy to setup. Here’s the procedure below.

Before we start, you have to make sure your PS4 is running the version 3.50 system update that Sony rolled out today. If you haven’t already installed that, go and update it now, unless setting up Remote Play on a Mac or PC won’t work without it.

1. Download and install Sony’s Remote Play app for Mac or PC, then open it

2. Connect your DualShock 4 controller to your computer by USB

3. Sign into your PlayStation account in the Remote Play app when prompted

4. Return to your PS4 and enter the Settings menu, then select “Remote Play Connection Settings”

5. Select “Add Device,” then make a note of the code you are given

6. Return to your computer and let the Remote Play tool look for your PS4 by clicking the “Start” button

7. Enter the code you just obtained when prompted to do so

The Remote Play app should now connect to your PS4. The time it takes to do this and the in-game experience you get will be determined by the quality of your internet connection. However, you can specify resolution and frame rate manually.

To do that, open the Remote Play app on your computer again and click “Settings.” Now use the drop-down menus in the “Video Quality” section to choose between low (360p), standard (540p), and high (720p) quality at a standard (30 fps) or high (60 fps) frame rate.

Now you enjoy playing PS4 games on your Mac and PC!

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