How to Record the Screen on Your PC, Phone, or Tablet

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With the below post you can create a video of the screen activity on your PC or mobile device.

How to Record the Screen on Your PC, Android, tablet, and iPad

Have you ever wanted to record the screen on your PC or mobile device? Maybe you’re a professional who wants to capture your screen activity for a presentation for work. Perhaps you’re a freelancer or developer who needs to generate a video showing how to use a certain application or how it functions. Or you’re just a blogger like me who wants to create and share a video of something interesting on your PC or phone.

Windows, Apple’s iOS, and Android don’t provides built-in apps or tools to record your screen, but there are many applications that make it possible for you to record the screen on your PC, Phone or Tablet.

How To Record Your Screen On Windows
There are many screen capturer programs for Windows. Some are free, others are trail version, check out this free tool that works well for Windows.

How to Record the Screen on Your PC

Free Screen Capturer
This screen-capture is useful and simple to use and offers all the basic features and options to record your screen. You can select to record the entire screen, a window, or a specific area that you select using your mouse. You can use hot keys to start, pause, and stop a recording. The program can pick up your voice or other sound from your PC’s microphone. You can save the recorded video as an AVI or Windows WMV file. This program is the best of all and free for personal and professional use. All you need do is request a registration number, and you’re set.

How To Record the Screen on Your iPhone or iPad

How to Record the Screen on Your iPad

Recording the screen on an iPhone or iPad is is trickier, since Apple doesn’t offer any screen-capture tools, either natively or through the App Store. Jailbreaking your device would give you access to some screen-capture programs, but let’s not go there. Instead, you can install a mirroring program on your PC and then tap into Apple’s AirPlay feature to display the screen of your iOS device on your PC. Then just use the Free Screen Capturer to record your screen.

We’re going to use a free mirroring program called LonelyScreen. Go to the LonelyScreen Download page to download the software. Install the software and then plug your iOS device into your PC. Launch the LonelyScreen program.

Swipe up the bottom of the screen on your iOS device to open the Control Center. Tap the entry for AirPlay. You should see LonelyScreen listed as an option. Tap it and then tap the Mirroring command to turn it on. You should now see your iOS screen displayed in the LonelyScreen window.

To record the screen, launch the Free Screen Capturer and choose the option to capture a region. Use your mouse to draw a region around your iOS device’s screen in the LonelyScreen window. You can then use your iOS device, and your screen activity will be captured by Free Screen Capturer.

How To Record the Screen on your Android Device

Capturing the screen on your Android device is easy with a different Applications but am recommending Rec download it from Google Play Store and record your Android screen with it.

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