How To Remove Pre-installed and Suggested Apps In Windows 10

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Is your PC lagging when working with it, if yes note that windows 10 PC memory gets loaded up with so many media files like Images, videos, Music file, others files and also the memory consumed by the apps of Windows. In some cases this might full your Disk space and this may result in your PC lagging and hanging up at the time of multiple tasking. The way to solve this problem is to free up some space to make your PC faster and work perfectly well when working with it. So for that we have a cool way that can be really helpful for you to free up filled Disk space and thats by removing the pre-installed and suggested apps that consume up lots of memory and sometime do less work according to it. And there are good alternatives that are available. So here we will guide you, how to remove these pre-installed application from your Windows 10 PC. You can achieve that by following the guide discussed below.

Steps To Remove Pre-installed And Suggested Apps In Windows 10

1. First of all in your Windows 10 head towards settings by pressing Windows + I command of keyboard.

2. Now there click on the very first option that is System.

3. Now on the System Settings page click on Apps & features on the left side panel.

4. Now you will see all the apps that are currently being installed on your operating system that will include the apps that are pre-installed from Microsoft and also the third party apps that you later on installed on your OS.

5. Now click on the app that you want to remove from your Windows 10 and click on the option Uninstall.

6. With the above guide you can remove any of the app that you don’t want to be in your Windows 10, that is of no use to you and just eating up your system memory.

The above guide/steps is all about How To Remove Pre-installed And Suggested Apps In Windows 10. With this method you can easily remove out any of the pre-installed apps and apps that isn’t good for your PC.

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