How To Take Scrolling Screenshots On iPhone Or Android

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Screenshot is the image of computer or smartphone screen output at given moment on time. You don’t need to be a freelancer to have a need for taking screenshots, and if you have a need for taking screenshots, then it’s entirely possible that you will have a need to take screenshots of something that’s too long or tall to fit on a smartphone screen. Websites are a good example of that, because sometimes, you just need to take a screenshot of an entire article for example, and that just isn’t going to fit in one screenshot. Not without help anyway. And help is exactly what the Apple’s App Store for iOS and Google’s Play Store for Android are full of, especially if you want to do something like take screenshots that are longer than your smartphone screen size.

Both Android and iOS have solution for this exact problem, and it just so happens that we have the two OS in mind. Continue below.


The App is a free app and available to download from the Google Play Store, Stitch & Share, The app doesn’t cost a thing but it will do a wonderful and fine job for you. By taking multiple screenshots and then automatically stitching them all together, Stitch & Share makes sharing those full-length screenshots a nice, easy process. However, we don’t take those screenshot to look at them. We take them to share.

How to take Scrolling Screenshots On iPhone Or Android

This app will save your stress of Sharing multi screenshot one by one, it will arrange them and put them together for you.


Just like in the same matter Stitch & Share works on Android, Tailor is free to download from the App Store for anyone who wants it. When downloaded, Tailor again allows users to take multiple screenshots and then have them stitched together into one, seamless image. Tailor is great for stitching together images that include long to-do lists and news articles.

How to take Scrolling Screenshots On iPhone Or Android

Taking long screenshots is the kind of thing that you may not realize you need until that first time you need it. When the need comes, you should never forget to give Stitch & Share or Tailor a try.

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