How To Use Airtel 2G Network Data Plan On 3G Network Without Rooting

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Fews days ago Airtel hit us with the cheapest Internet data plans which gives you 2GB for N200 and 6GB for N500 but sadly it only works on 2G network.

It has come to my understanding that the last tutorial i published on how to use airtel 2g network data plan on 3g network as it requires rooting and some script changing, the method didn’t work for most of you due to one reason or another. I notice that there are some phones that will still refuse to connect on 3g network after following the duo process so i decided to bring another option which is very easy and simpler than the previous one.

Unlike the pervious tweak, this time around, it is not compulsory that your Android device must be rooted and you don’t need to be a guru before you can apply this method.

It only requires one app which also acts as VPN and the app is called “Protect free VPN + data manager”

2g Data on 3g network without rooting

Features Of Protect VPN

1. It notify you when apps are using lots of data
2. It has a free, fast and secure VPN to protect your online privacy
3. Block apps from using data in the background
4. Limit apps to Wi-Fi only
5. Set notifications when an app reaches a set amount of data
6. Add an extra layer of security and
data encryption
7. 3g Booster and optimization

Steps On How Can I Use Airtel 2G Data On 3G Network Via Protect VPN?

1. Firstly, Download and install the Protect VPN from Google play store
2. Make sure your network is set to 2g first
3. Lunch the Protect VPN
4. Then lunch the Vpn… (under protection)
5. But before then remember to leave your network mode to 2G,
6. Now try browsing or open just one site on 2g mode
7. After that, connect the network mode back to either 3G or auto

Finally, start browsing and feel the Speed.

NOTE:📖 After applying the above simple tweak with Protect VPN, i was able to use the airtel 2g data plans of #200 for 2gb and #500 for 6gb on 3g network BUT the 3g connection is not stable. Whenever it connects to 3g network, it will start fluctuating just like Etisalat social with VPN apps.

Give this try on your phone and let us know how it worked on yours. If it works, let us know and if it didn’t work, also comment on the comments box so that others will learn from your experience.

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