How To Use Airtel 3GB For N1000 BlackBerry Subscription Plan On Android And PC


Today, I will be sharing with you people how to use airtel blackberry subscription 3GB on android phone and Pc, One thing about This Airtel 3GB data plan is that is not like the usual airtel android data plans that use to zap once you turn on your data connection. This plan is normal because of network is stability in most locations unlike glo network.

Reasons Why You should Use Airtel BIS On Android And PC
==> It doesn’t require any VPN application
==> There is no speed throttling
==> Airtel Network is very fast in most locations in the country
==> It is more stable and affordable than glo blackberry plan on android
==> It consumer less data on like the normal Airtel Android plan does
==> It is very simple to activate

==> Blackberry 10 IMEI
==> Ability to tweak IMEI (see our guide on how to change imei number of any Android phone )
==> Activation of the plan

How To Tweak The Airtel Blackberry 10 IMEI On Android
It is very simple and easy to do on like glo BIS on android, All you need to do is to tweak this Blackberry 10 IMEI 356760051192 and add any three digit of your choice to it in other to complete it to 15 digits.

==> Input the known 12 digits e.g 356760051192
==> Put 3 digits to the 12 digits above to complete 15 digits e.g 356760051192549 and validate IMEI
NOTE: Use imei Analyzer to validate the imie number to make sure is valid.

How To Activate Airtel Blackberry Plan Of 3GB For N1000
==> Dial *431# to subscribe to airtel blackberry data plan of 3gb
==> Make sure your is
==> To check your airtel data balance, dial *140# or *123*175#

How Do I Use It On PC
Its very simple, once you have activated it on your android device, and it starts browsing, just tether it via hotspot with your PC or any other device. You can also use USB chord to connect it.

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