HTC 10 comes with BoomSound


HTC 10 comes  with  BoomSound
Back in 2007 when  HTC One M7 was launched with dual front-facing speakers and that was the first of it kind and No body had ever put that on a smartphone before. HTC called it “BoomSound,” and users loved the hell out of it. However, recent smartphones created by HTC have kind of left the dual speakers behind, and the terminology “BoomSound” has been refer to be software audio enhancements instead of the twin speakers. So while it’s true the weight behind BoomSound has been diluted, a new tweet by the company has revealed that the HTC 10 will have the BoomSound.
The image that HTC posted seems to indicate that the device will in fact have dual speakers, however. Fans are speculating that the top line of staggered audio elements represents one speaker while the row of five larger, elongated ovals in the bottom represent another set of speakers. Will the HTC 10 crank it to 11? This has yet to be determined, but we can all hope.

The HTC 10 marketing team has been boosting alot about their upcoming device. The most wave-making of these is the attestation that the smartphone will have a  “World First, World Class” camera on both the front and back of the device. These are high claims to make, especially considering the Samsung Galaxy S7 is already being praised for it’s incredible camera quality. Will HTC’s next device make for worthy competition? We can’t wait to find out,  Until 12 April  when they will launch the device.

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