HTC Ocean Note To Feature Improved Camera And Curved Screen

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Despite the poor sales of HTC 10 which is the flagship phone of Taiwanese based company. Last year, it seems they are not giving up and ready to make things. Right with HTC Ocean Note which is said to feature improved camera and Curved screen.

HTC Ocean Note To Feature Improved Camera And Curved Screen

The HTC Ocean Note as they said , may also be known as HTC 11.  Like HTC 10 is also known as HTC Perfume, HTC Ocean Note has already have some of its internal specifications leaked. 

Anyway, we will not take too long to find out for sure, it is the filtration that speaks of an official presentation of the new device to be held on January 12. After that only we can confirm or deny the features. Already discussed that will have the new HTC product.

These specifications speak of a screen between 5.5 and 5.7 inches. Integrated with curved ends style seen on the Galaxy Edge models. The primary strength or the feature of the Ocean Note will be the main camera, which will mount a high-end DxOMark sensor. It is capable of offering better performance than the one seen in the Google Pixel.

It seems that the idea of HTC has been to mount a high-performance camera. And combine it with UltraPixel technology for best results. All this makes us think that the idea of the Taiwanese company is to bet everything. To seduce the lovers of the photos in mobile devices. A strategy that is not bad to judge by the great mass of users that form this group.

The analysis of this mysterious device ends with the presence of a USB-C port that will serve to recharge energy and also for connecting headphones. The absence of jack is not new for HTC, since it already joined with the Evo 10 model, but serves to confirm that this will be the trend of the future on mobile devices.

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