iPhone 7: Apple ‘to introduce charging from 15ft’

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iPhone 7: Apple ‘to introduce charging from 15ft’


It was rumoured last month that Apple was interested in adding groundbreaking wireless charging capabilities to its iPhone range, using technology that would enable the handset to be re-charged autonomously from a substantial distance.

Now, fresh reports according to The Week hint that Apple could introduce it on their upcoming iPhone 7.

According to the New York Post, Apple has partnered up with tech firm Energous to use their WattUp wire-free charging system in future smartphones.

Energous’s two-part technology allows “practically any type of device” to be charged wirelessly from distances of up to 15ft.

It uses a “tiny” chip – ideal for Apple, considering their design constraints – which receives power from a transmitter. It could mean phones able to be recharged while in user’s pocket, so long as they were in range of the charging beacon.

Apparently, there’s a “good amount of evidence out there” suggesting Energous has landed a major partner who is interested in bringing their technology to the market – and that partner could be Apple.

If the rumours are true, it could herald “the biggest technological advancement in smartphones since Apple released the original iPhone in 2007” as users will no longer have to be pro-active in remembering to charge their phones.

So far, the company has toyed with wireless charging capabilities on products such as the Apple Watch rather than their iPhones. They have made it known the technology is something they would only pursue if it became truly revolutionary, rather than the mat-based setups most rival smartphone makers have adopted.

It’s also typical of Apple to be late to market with a particular technology only to apply it in a way rivals have yet to fully exploit.

According to the International Business Times, Energous aims to launch its technology at some point in 2016 or 2017. If the rumours are true, it could seem that either the iPhone 7, set to be released in September, or next year’s iPhone 7S could arrive with a real game-changing addition.


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