iPhone 7 Plus To Have Two Rear Camera

iPhone 7 Plus To Have Two Rear Camera

As we are still waiting for iPhone 7, Apple is preparing some thing different for the iPhone 7 Plus which is more than half a year away.
The frequently reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said this morning that he expects the iPhone 7 Plus to include a dual-camera system on its back, according to MacRumors. The two cameras would likely work together to form a single high-quality image, rather than producing separate images or being used for 3D image capture. Kuo also believes the two-camera design might somehow enable optical zoom, allowing the phone to narrow its field of view without losing image quality.

Kuo also said that two versions of iPhone 7 Plus are in development, One with a dual-camera system and one with a standard single camera on its back. Apple is yet to decide if the dual camera set-up will go to market, but Kuo seems to think that it might mean Apple will offer both configurations. There will be “supply chain constraints” on the dual-camera modules, he predicts, and so Apple may opt to sell the dual-camera model as a more expensive option.

This is the first time that Apple has offered multiple hardware configurations for a specific model of phone (discounting storage and color, of course). It’s not as though supply chain constraints haven’t factored into iPhone launches before, and without leading to multiple models.
Source The Verge


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