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During the introduction of 3D Touch by Apple it looks like a break through in a Technology world with essential functions as a long press. But we’re are seeing a different things, As 3D feature wasn’t included in recently released gadget by Apple including iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro. However, Microsoft has introduce a Pre-Touch technology that goes a completely different direction. With a view of not touching a screen harder, but touching it lesser instead.

Microsoft Research is here with a pretty cool tech that would give your smartphone a much better sense of where your hands are in the space around it. Pre-Touch can sense where you’re going to tap before you actually make contact with the screen, and it can even tell how you’re holding the device.

Pre-Touch can also makes your device understand your intent. The ability to identify where your finger is moving before you actually make contact with the screen. These gives the smartphone better interpretation of where you meant to tap instead of where you actually tapped. It also can differentiate between unintentional double taps and intentional ones. The video Microsoft Research released display how this technology allows your screen make a better distinction between swiping and more deliberate highlighting motions. This lets you skip the step of tapping the screen before highlighting.

Samsung has a similar technology called Air Command seen on Samsung Note devices with stylus support, and Microsoft’s Pre-Touch looks like a much improved version of this. While Samsung Air Command works only with stylus and lets you hold the S-Pen above the display and interact with it without actually touching the screen, Microsoft’s Pre-Touch detects your fingers above the display to give options you can interact with.

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  1. Microsoft is doing a great job and I always love to use there product

  2. Wow! That is an improvement. Technology investors are always looking for how to make things easy for people

  3. We are in the world of tech, technology made easy. Thank

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