Microsoft’s playable ads let you try apps without downloading

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Microsoft playable ads in Windows 10 will soon let you try apps without installing them first, Microsoft has announced that it’s bringing support for Playable Ads in Windows 10, a feature which will allow you to see how an app works without having to download or install it from the Store first.

playable ads in Windows 10
The Preview program was  launched last week in the Windows Dev Center. Once advertisers start to using  it, you’ll be able to streaman app or game for three minutes as if natively installed on the device.

The move for the playable ads is to help  you make smarter choice about whether you should shell out good money or give up your hard drive space for an app, you come across. Plus, they do not need any special coding. Advertisers only need to click a few buttons to set Playable Ads Store apps.

The new feature is currently in limited preview, Microsoft has not yet announced when it’ll be more widely available. So, yeah, expect to see more Windows app store advertising in the coming months.

This will make more sense having playable ads in Windows 10 but I don’t know if this is limited on to Windows 10


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