Motorola Razr Isn’t coming Back So Keep Your Cool


Motorola Razr Isn’t coming Back So Keep Your Cool
Motorola Razr Isn't coming Back on Android

Just few days ago there’s a speculation that Lenovo-owned company Motorola Is Bringing Back it’s popular Razr with Android operating system later this year, but a Motorola spokesman says that is not the case.

“We love how the throwback video has been embraced and the excitement it has generated,” says Morotola rep Kathryn Hanley. “The RAZR was one of the most iconic phones ever designed and redefined how stylish a mobile phone can be. While Moto is not re-releasing the RAZR, we will transform mobile again on June 9.” (That date is a reference to Lenovo’s upcoming Tech World conference, when it is expected to announce new products and make other news.)

If you’ve forgotten so soon let me remind you Lenovo is a Chinese company, that purchased Motorola Mobility from Google in 2014 in a deal worth nearly $3 billion.


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