Ntel Internet/APN Settings For 4G LTE Network

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Ntel network is waxing strong, and don’t wants to be put in pocket by other network providers. Ntel launch it Internet services earlier this year. Here is Ntel Internet Settings For any Android smartphone, modem, mifi that is compatible to use the 4G LTE services.

Ntel Internet Settings For any Android smartphone

Basic Requirement

1. Your phone must be Flexible Division Duplex (FDD) with support for LTE 3 (1800MHz) and 8 (900MHz) spectrum bands. You can find this information on the product manual which usually comes with your phone.

2. Make sure you enable 4G services in your device and to do this, simply go to the Mobile Networks on your phone and select Select 4G (recommended) or LTE Only as your preferred network mode.


Ntel 4G APN internet settings (First Option)
APN: ntel
username: ntel
password: ntel

Then leave every other field in the APN Settings empty, save it and activate as your default INTERNET/APN Settings. After this, try browsing and it should connect but if after applying the settings above and you still find it unable to browse, then use the second method below.

Ntel 4G internet settings (Second Option)
APN: ntel
username: blank
password: blank

It should browse with anyone of the settings above, if you find it difficult to browse using the two settings above, kindly comment using the comment section below.


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  1. martin G says:

    I've heard so much about Ntel and their plans, however I'm skeptical about how good their service is in general.
    Incredible Mister.

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