Opera adds native ad-blocking to its desktop and mobile browsers

In March this year, Opera adds built-in ad blocking to a developer version of its browser. Now, The company has introduced the same feature in its regular software for both desktop and mobile devices. The company has pushed that feature into general release, which automatically decrease the load time of web pages.

The native ad-blocking makes browsing the web more faster than using a third-party ad blocker. The native ad blocker is deactivated by default in the browser, but can be turned on by through the Settings. The company has also released a new statistics chart which compare the loading speed of a site with and without ads.

Opera is out to compete with the likes of chrome browser after the introduction of free and unlimited VPN in it desktop browser pointing out that the built-in native ad- blocker in Opera made the browser about 45 percent faster than the stable version of Google’s Chrome browser with AdBlock including (a third-party ad blocker) integrated.



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