Samsung Finally Halts Galaxy Note 7 Production Because Of The Explosion

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Galaxy Note 7: Finally Samsung has accepted the fact that, there’s so much wrong with it Galaxy Note 7 flagship phone.

Samsung Finally Halts Galaxy Note 7 Production Because Of The Explosion

Galaxy Note 7: They have been numerous report of the decive explosion, leading to a recall 2.5 million decives worldwide and three instances of replacement models catching fire, the company has reportedly halted production, reports South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency.

According to the Associated Press, Samsung says it’s working to address quality issues with the Note 7 to “ensure” quality following more reports of firesTwo major US carriers, AT&T and T-Mobile, have already announced their decision to stop issuing Note 7 devices to customers; they’ll accept returns but will offer alternatives in exchange.

For some reason, Sprint is still handing out replacements. If you’re eligible to receive a different device, or haven’t yet purchased a new phone, you’d do well to avoid the Note 7 entirely for the time being.
In what has turned into one of the world’s largest consumer device recalls ever in history, Samsung hasn’t been quick enough to act responsibly to avoid putting customers’ lives at risk with faulty products.
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  1. martin G says:

    Finally they took that bold step, this is gonna have an adverse effect on their sales.
    Incredible Mister.

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