SanDisk Unveiled 1 Terabyte SD card That Holds More Data Than Your Laptop

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SanDisk today announced the world’s biggest SD card, which they claim is the first to pack 1 terabyte of storage.

1 Terabyte

The one Terabyte SD card is currently exists as a prototype, but will probably be released soon. There’s no pricing information revealed about the world first Terabyte SD card, but if the $345 cost of the 512 GB card is taken into account, it won’t be exactly cheap.. 
Here are what you can store on a 3.2 cm tall 1 Terabyte SD Card 
  • ~1,250 episodes of your favorite series in 1080p
  • ~200,000 songs
  • ~310,000 photos
  • ~the data on ~728,178 floppy disks
  • ~an almost infinite amount of .txt document
What do you think about the SD Card??

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