List Of Tecno Stock Roms And Direct Download Link (Firmwares)

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List Of Tecno Stock Roms And Direct Download Link

Tecno Stock Roms and Direct Download Link (Firmwares) and how to flash using sp flash tools.How to flash TECNO devices using SP Flash Tool

Download, latest SP Flash Tool from here
Launch Flashtool inside the extracted folder
Click on scatter loader button
Select the scatter file inside the stock ROM folder of the device you want to flash
Select either Download only, Firmware Upgrade or Format + Download from drop down menu
Click Download Button
Now turn off and connect your device to PC
Wait for flashing process to complete
Reboot device
If there was no cache or userdata inside the ROM folder, you might need to factory reset device from recovery after flash
For a more detail guide with video and pictures on how to use SP Flash Tool,

Here’s an accumulation of Tecno Stock ROM (MTK) Backups/Firmware for most Tecno phones. Please, feel free to contribute your links (Stock ROM backup only) as we build the list:

How to extract the file(s) below for use
1. Download the file below
2. Download and install 7zip on your PC
3. The file below is zipped so extract the file using 7zip on your PC
4. encase If prompted for a password, type Hovatek

Tecno Stock roms Download Links

Tecno N8 Stock ROM N8-H356-C1-M-HiOS-TZ-TIGO-LOCK-20160602 HERE

Tecno Phonepad 7E Stock ROM HERE

Tecno A7 Phantom Z (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno B3 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno R5 Tecno stock roms Here

Tecno C5 Tecno stock roms Here

Tecno C8 Variant 1 Here

Tecno C8 Variant 2 Here

Tecno Camon C9 Stock Rom  HERE

Tecno L8 Here

Tecno D1 Variant 1 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno D1 Variant 2 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno D3 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno D5 variant 1 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno D5 variant 2 HERE

Tecno D7 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno D9 HERE

Tecno F5 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno F6 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno F7 Phantom A 4.1 MT6577 (MTK Backup) Part 1: HERE

Part 2: Download the replacement files @ HERE

Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2 MT6589 Variant 1 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno F7 Phantom A+ 4.2 MT6589 Variant 2 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno F8 Phantom A2 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno G9 Phantom pad II (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno H3 HERE

Tecno H5 Old OS (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno H5 New OS (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno H6 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno H7 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno H7 Plus HERE

Tecno H7S HERE

Tecno J5 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno J7 HERE

Tecno Boom J8 Stock HERE

Tecno L3 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno L6 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno L7 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno L8 HERE

Tecno L8 Plus HERE

Tecno M3 4.2 Old OS (MTK Backup) : HERE

Tecno M3 4.2 New OS (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno M3 4.4 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno M3S (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno M5 4.2 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno M6 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno M6S HERE

Tecno M7 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno M9 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno N3 (Stock Backup) HERE

Tecno N5S HERE

Tecno N7 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno N8 Stock ROM N8-H356-C1-M-HiOS-TZ-TIGO-LOCK-20160602 HERE

Tecno N9 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno Phantom 5 HERE

Tecno Phantom 5S HERE

Tecno P3 (Stock Backup) HERE

Tecno P5 Old OS (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno P5 New OS (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno P5 Plus (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno P6 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno P9 4.2 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno P9 4.4 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno Q1 4.0 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno R5 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno R7 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno S3 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno S5 (MTK Backup)

Tecno S7 (MTK Backup)

Tecno S9 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno S9S HERE

Tecno V7 Phantom Z mini HERE

Tecno W3 Stock ROM HERE

Tecno W4 Stock Rom HERE

Tecno W5 HERE
Tecno W5 Lite  HERE

Tecno Y3 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno Y3S HERE

Tecno Y4 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno Y5 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno Y5S HERE

Tecno Y6 variant 1 (MTK Backup) HERE

Tecno Y6 variant 2 HERE

Tecno 7C HERE

Tecno 7CS HERE

Tecno Phonepad 7E Stock ROM HERE

Tecno 7H HERE

Tecno 8H HERE

Tecno Feature Phones firmware

Tecno T347 HERE

Tecno T483 HERE

Tecno T535 HERE

Tecno T545 HERE

Tecno T560 HERE

Tecno T630 HERE

Tecno 630S HERE

Tecno T635 HERE

Tecno T733 HERE

You can request for any Tecno stock roms that are not here through the comment box and get it immediately


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