Three Mistake To Avoid While Using Spy Software

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A knife can be used to cut and peel vegetables for dinner, but in the hands of a wrong person, the same knife can very well turn out to be the medium of the death of an innocent person. A spy app was indeed made out of good intentions, to help people look after their loved ones, for business owners, to help their business grow. The intention behind its creation was a good one but just like a knife, it can be used for providing harm to others. People with a hidden agenda might manipulate its use for their own gain, or paranoid parents and employers might be tempted to break the law with its use too at times. This leads us to the next debate.

Do not use Spy Software to…

    • Monitor Employees’ Personal Belongings
      The law permits employers to keep an eye on their employees to ensure the productivity as well as the growth of their business. Lazy employees who’d rather spend the day gossiping with co-workers and abusing the unlimited access to internet need something that could actually discipline them. In this accord business owners are actually allowed to monitor their employees. But, there is a catch – employers only have the right to monitor employees on company owned hardware – computer, laptops, phones, and in some cases automobiles as well.
      Such form of monitoring can not only help out in keeping employees in line, but it also greatly reduces the chances of fraud, litigation and leakage of confidential data since the employee can monitor;
      – Emails being sent and received.
      – Calls being made.
      – Information being looked up.
      – Company fails being accessed.
      – Keystrokes being made.
      Access to such information is all an employer can hope for. But, when an employer crosses boundaries and bugs an employee’s personal laptop or mobile phone or even puts a tracker an employee personal car, then such an employer can be tried by law for infraction of employee’s right and exploitation of their privacy.
    • Monitoring a Legal Adult
      Parents have a legal right to monitor their children, since children tend to use objects that have been bought for them by their parents. This makes their parents the rightful owner of such object and devices and if parents choose to monitor these devices, they are definitely allowed to.
      But, as soon as their teen turns 18, whether or not he/she lives under their roof or still uses the electronic hardware they bought for him/her, they have to stop monitoring them. Additionally, it parents are caught monitoring a legal adult, they can come face to face with a legal nightmare that may not seem worth the hassle it may cause.
    • Using Spy Applications for Stalking
      Stalking is a big no-no. No matter who does it, or to whom it is done, it is an extremely illegal thing. Stalking someone has a negative affect not only physically but psychologically as well on the one being stalked. Since the people who stalk others already are sick and twisted creeps, spy application tends to be a medium through which they can easily exploit other people’s privacy without being detected at all.
      Stalkers see spy software as an app created solely as a way to monitor other people’s lives since it was created to do so. Yet for them monitoring and stalking doesn’t seem to be much different, thus they debate their use of this software as perfectly justified.
      Stalking itself is a crime. Thus, whatever means used by a stalker to stalk its prey make it illegal as well. Whether it is something as common as video surveillance or something as complicated as a spy app, it is all unlawful from a legal stand point.
    • The Bottom Line

Spy app is a brilliant creation creating for worried parents, business owners and spouses, yet, due to the nature of the software it is very easily exploited. Whether it is done knowingly or unknowingly, out of love or out of perverse pleasure – the fact remains that what is wrong is wrong and should never be done, no matter the circumstances. Visit her blog here

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  1. A lot of people use the spy for negative intentions. Which could be deemed to be abuse. It's cool she called all these miuse out. Fantastic article.

  2. Spy? Well like you said in this article, it could be of good or negative intention. But it's more of good. Thank for sharing

  3. Completely true. Using a spy app today is casual thing. You may try yourself in spying with free android spy apps at

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