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Android Marshmallow has a success since the the day of it release, But Google is working on its next operating system which will be Android N. Android N is said to be a code name for the successor of Marshmallow, so the question is what will the new version be called? There are already a lot of possibilities, but the major possibilities show that it will be called as Android Nutella or Android Nougat. The Android N is scheduled to be released on third quarter of 2016.

Google has just announced the developer preview of Android N Fews weeks ago. Now we’re already getting a taste of what the new flavor of Android will have and what the new features looks like in Android N. Let’s take a tour at the top new features of Android N that Google has revealed.

1. Multi Tasking Window Support

Multi tasking window support is one of the amazing features of upcoming Android N. Multi tasking support is finally here on android, you can now view your task in android in a split screen. The Android N multi tasking will let you resize each window manually as well as drag and drop text, images and other data from one window to the other. This feature will also let you watch a video while using another app at the same time. This means that a user can watch YouTube video while using twitter/Facebook account.

Glancing at two apps at once will soon become a normal thing on Android.

2. Reply In A Notification Bar

Android N will give you the privilege to directly respond to messages from he notification bar. When a you receive a new message, it will show in a notification bar and it will allow you to reply without switching or opening the app. The features is already in some android apps including Hangout and WhatsApp but it will be a general feature for all the massaging apps in Android N.

3. Enhanced Doze Mode

We saw Dozens mode first in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, The work is to shuts down background apps when the phone is completely unused for a long time. In Android N preview, Google has improved it’s Doze mode. The Doze mode will automatically shut down background apps and at the same time save battery every time the screen is turned off.

4. Improve Quick Setting Options

One of the improved features of Android N also include advance quick setting option for android users. The notification panel has completely new look, Google will be adding a new ‘quick settings’ menu to the notifications bar which can be easily pull down from the top.

On like before in pervious Android, operating systems, you had to pull the notification bar down and then visit quick setting options in order to access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode. Now the quick settings buttons are here as soon as a user pull down notification panel once to see notifications as shown in the above picture.

5. Bundled Notifications

Android N features notification will allow users to get all their notification alerts from one app grouped together into a single, bundled notifications. For instance, all messages from a specific messaging app will be bundled together in the notification shade. A user will be able to expand bundled notifications by taping the bundle to expand it and see each individual alert.

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  1. Good idea, Esp the feature that will enhance doze mode. Let them bring it on

  2. Wow thanks bro I love that feature which is the number one on your list Multi Tasking Window Support thanks

  3. Technology made easy. Very soon we'll start cooking direct from our phone, hahaha, that for this wonderful piece of information.

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