Top 5 New Features Coming To WhatsApp On Android

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Top 5 New Features Coming To WhatsApp On Android

The instant messaging application with over one billion active users WhatsApp has been busy updating its platform this year to suit the demand of the users. It has been a continuous process with a lot of updates.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp added features that included sharing PDF documents and sharing photos from other apps installed on a user’s phone. Previous updates of WhatsApp this year have also included making it easier to change profile pictures and Letting users Format Text As Bold Or Italic.

WhatsApp Android beta version 2.12.560 (which can be downloaded from the APK store), has more interesting features.

As we all know WhatsApp usually tests out new features in the beta version of its app first before rolling these out to all users.

Quick reply from the notification bar

The amazing update to the beta version of WhatsApp for Android is that users can now reply to messages that appear in their notification bar, the way you did HANGOUT

This is a simple and easy way for replying to messages quickly without actually entering the app itself.

Messages, in this feature, also appear in a standalone manner, which ensures that you’re replying to what you think you’re replying to.

Multiple selection

Another update we are expecting from WhatsApp for Android is multiple selection. This feature is activated by pressing and holding on multiple contacts’ profile pics on chats or contacts. A menu option at the top of the app then appears which allows various actions, such as archiving or deleting chats, or muting chats. By selecting a profile pic, a user can also mark a chat as read or unread.

Broadcast and group creation

Building on the multiple selection feature, users of the beta version of WhatsApp can also press or select on contacts’ profile images to easily create new broadcasts and new groups.

Contact options

Before when pressing on a chat with a contact in WhatsApp, users would see the contact’s profile pic in an enlarged version. But now, when users do this on the beta version of the Android app, quick contact options instead are now brought up. These include options such as ‘View Contact’, ‘Delete Chat’ or ‘Archive Chat’.

Colourful wallpapers

WhatsApp are providing users more background colour wallpaper options. By selecting settings, chats and wallpaper and ‘solid colour’, users are set to have the option to change the background colour of their chats. There are 27 colours currently to make your choice from.

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  1. Noted! But they should try and work more on the voice call too. The performance is very poor.

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