Vysor Allows You To Mirror Multiple Android Devices To Your PC

Google developer by name Koush, announced an update to his popular device mirroring app Vysor yesterday that aids users to share multiple Android screens to a PC, Linux or Mac simultaneously and then grant remote access to the device farm.

The new “Share All” feature works just like the original Vysor Share: you plug the Android into the computer via a USB cable, install the visor app and activate it to mirror the Android screen to the computer. However, Share All takes that process a step further by allowing the user to link multiple handsets to a computer and then use it as a shared server which multiple people can remotely access.

Vysor Allows You To Mirror Multiple Android Devices To PC

This Favour developers. As they can be able to centralize all their various test devices to a single computer and share access to the entire array with the rest of the team.




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