WhatsApp Now Lets You Format Text As Bold Or Italic and More

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WhatsApp Now Lets You Format Text As Bold Or Italic and More

The new release update of beta WhatsApp features some basic text formatting options including bold and italics. While features in beta versions of WhatsApp often go missing, for example think back to Google Drive cloud backup which appeared and then took half a year to reappear there’s little reason to think this won’t be rolling out to the Play Store version pretty soon.

The second area with a lot of improvement is the document sending feature, that was first introduced to WhatsApp a couple of weeks ago. Now it has an extra menu option titled “Browse other docs”. Clicking it allows you to fetch documents from your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive accounts. Currently, it seems to work with PDF’s, as well as basic Docs, Sheets and Presentations, which also get converted to PDF before being sent, most likely to avoid compatibility issues at the receiving end.

The third change is a small but significant improvement to the way Google Drive local backups are handled. Previously, whenever the scheduled backup started, you got a pop-up that blocked the entire app, leaving you with nothing but the option to wait until it was over. No progress bar, no percentage, no time remaining. That was annoying if you were in the middle of a conversation as the other person would think you fell asleep or stopped answering. Now the pop-up still blocks everything but it displays progress percentage, which means that you have a clearer idea of how much more you’ll have to wait before you can be able to use the app again.


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  1. I guess it is applicable only to the new version of whats app cos I can't find it on my own.

  2. Only to the beta version for now but we are hoping to see that soon on playstore version.

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