Your Phone’s Fingerprint Scanner Can be Hacked with a Printer

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Your Phone’s Fingerprint Scanner Can be Hacked with a Printer



If you thought that the best way to keep your smartphone locked behind a fingerprint scanner would keep it secure, it may not be as stranger-proof as you thought. Researchers have found that with an inkjet printer and some special ink and paper, anyone can hack into your phone in 15 minutes or less.

Researchers Kai Cao and Anil Jain of Michigan State University have come up with a method to get through smartphones’ fingerprint scanners by scanning a fingerprint at 300 dpi and printing it on conductive AgIC paper with conductive silver ink.

In fact, a printed fingerprint was used to fool Huawei Honor 7 and Samsung Galaxy S6 devices; the latter immediately opened when the printed fingerprint was used. Here’s a video Click Here To Watch of the fake fingerprints at work

Although the method has only been tested on these two smartphones, multiple devices use similar fingerprint-scanning security, including iPhone 5S and later, Samsung Galaxy S5 and S7, HTC One Max and others.


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